In the heart of Rose Bay village

Sushi Train Rose Bay is an elegant Japanese restaurant that seats solo diners or groups comfortably. There is a long counter where you can watch sushi prepared with poise and efficiency.

A family-friendly space to enjoy Japanese cuisine

New beginning

VisionVivo assisted Sushi Train Rose Bay to set-up its Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Growing community awareness

By regularly publishing updates and engaging with the Instagram account's followers, we grew local knowledge.

Photography and Videography

Our content creation centred around showing the quality food, elegant decor, and friendly service.

Google Management

We oversaw feedback received via Google Business, replied to reviews, and reported important issues to restaurant management.

Graphic Design

We pro-actively notified the restaurant of upcoming public dates which could be capitalised on for promotional announcements.

Search Engine listing

On Koalamate (our sibling platform), we published an introduction article. It is currently listed on Google search results' first page.

Since April 2023

We have supported Sushi Train Rose Bay’s growth.
We continue to be proud and grateful to work with a dedicated 
team of chefs and staff.