VisionVivo is a consultancy born in Sydney, Australia.

Our clients are small businesses who are interested in marketing, social media, and creative services. 

We specialise in content creation for restaurants and hospitality venues.

Garry Ho


Given the choice between soup noodles or dry noodles (sauce-mixed), Garry will always choose the former.

The process of flavour extraction to make the perfect broth is methodical and requires patience. Garry applies the same principles to his life and work.

Garry is a writer for TCB Atlas and Koalamate.

Keiron Lee

Operations Manager

A keen student of interaction design, Keiron enjoys working on digital platforms to create engaging user experiences.

With his muscular build, Keiron effortlessly holds a camera. His interest in photography began after seeing the beautiful landscapes of China during his childhood.

Keiron is the co-founder of a dodgeball club at University of Sydney. 

Raymond Zhang


Raymond has boundless passion for content creation, and has an exceptional way of making videos. 

He is our resident nerd in camcorders, SLRs, DSLRs and now is moving into the mirrorless camera world. Coming from a background of landscape and human photography, Raymond is a rising star in capturing food imagery.

Raymond is also a university student studying sport science. He aspires to help others as a physiotherapist.