Newtown's Favourite Japanese Restaurant

Located in the heart of Newtown, Shinmachi is loved by the community for its creative food and fun atmosphere. The menu is complete with small ‘tapas’ plates, dessert and drinks. 

Establishing Shinmachi's Brand

Serious when it comes to food

Shinmachi is a place that encourages fun, conversation and laughter. When it comes to food however, they are 110% serious about serving the best-tasting fusion Japanese dishes. Our task was to reflect this on Instagram.

Go-to Japanese fusion food

With its popularity already established in Newtown, our task was to grow the Shinmachi brand to diners located in the surrounding suburbs. As we managed Shinmachi's social media, more people visited from suburbs like Enmore, Marrickville and Alexandria.

Cuisine culture bites

Our content shared interesting historical and cultural facts about Japanese food. We succesfully encouraged diners to try dishes beyond classic ramen bowls and karaage chicken. The result? A hunger to know more. Pun intended 😉

Digital Customer Service

With the popularity of Shinmachi's brand came the responsibility of maintaining the highest level of friendly customer service. We monitored their Instagram and Facebook messages for questions. We returned the love when customers posted about Shinmachi.

Driving click traffic

Without quantifiable metrics, there is no way to gauge the success of marketing efforts. We utilised tools including Google Analytics to communicate results to the Shinmachi management team.

Ramping up the views

A huge portion of social media traffic comes from watching short and engaging video clips. We edited and posted fun Instagram Reels to showcase the flavour and uniqueness of Japanese food.

Delicious ramen, fusion Japanese and more ...

Since VisionVivo started managing Shinmachi’s social media, more customers have come to know and appreciate Japanese cuisine. Not just the classic Tonkotsu ramens or Tempura Prawns, but the more nuanced delicacies of the culture’s food. The next time you step into the buzzing ambience of Newtown’s favourite Japanese restaurant, message us for a recommendation 😉