Style meets substance

Sekka Dining is a polished fusion between an “Izakaya” (Japanese gastro-pub) and restaurant. Specialising in ramen, yakitori and Japanese drinks, Sekka is well-respected for its cuisine and presentation.

Specialty ramen broth, juicy grilled skewers and unforgettable small plates

Broadening digital presence

Having developed considerable popularity in St Leonards, Sekka engaged us to improve its SEO. The goal was to be found by people searching for Japanese food from places outside of Sekka's vicinity.

Channeling popularity

Prior to engaging us, Sekka had a loyal base of customers who visited the restaurant regularly. Since our social media management began, many more customers have followed Sekka to stay in touch.

Photography and Videography

From our knowledge of social media, we knew the style of posts which would garner audience attention.

Japanese cuisine knowledge

Having a delicious and authentic Japanese menu is one thing, but being able to succesfully recommend it to your customers is another. Through our use of educational and exciting captions, we achieved higher engagement rates on social media.

English Copywriting

To further establish Sekka as one of Sydney's top Japanese culinary kitchens, we wrote informative articles to describe the brand and its connection to Japanese cuisine.

Management Consulting

Consultative sessions with the restaurant management enhanced clarity on the business' direction, particularly on the digital front.

A not-so-secret gem in St Leonards

Whether it be for a romantic date, business meeting or friendly catch-up, it has been satisfying for us to see the increase in customer bookings since our digital management began. Sekka may not be that much of a secret gem any longer as more people discover the quality of its cuisine.