Futuristic Darling Square Eatery

ROBO is not your typical Asian restaurant. Their food is served in a galactic and futuristic setting with a taste that teleports you to Malaysia, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. There is a mouthwatering selection of what people from Hong Kong call: “Dai Pai Dong” dishes. There is also Fried Tofu, Chilli Chicken, Lo Mein … the Darling Square restaurant is virtually a haven for Asian food in Sydney.  ROBO is where you can enjoy the best of traditional Asian cuisine in a futuristic audio-visual setting. 

Digital Presence to Infinity and Beyond

In March 2021, ROBO had virtually no social media presence. Having just opened their restaurant, they hoped to attract more visitors from the Haymarket, Ultimo and general local CBD community. Engaging VisionVivo, the task was simple: make ROBO known.  

Website Creation

With an avant-garde restaurant design, translating ROBO's brand image into a website was going to be a precise exercise. The result is a demonstration of simplicity and functionality. VisionVivo also enabled the purchase of Seletti merchandise through integrating an online shop.

SEO Articles

For Google (or another search engine you might be more inclined to use) to start indexing ROBO in its search results, we needed to create content. We wrote about the cuisine ROBO serves, notably Dai Pai Dong dishes. Not long after, we started appearing in search results.

Google My Business

As is our general Sydney restaurant marketing tip, gain control of your GMB. It's important because: one, you can reply to customer feedback (positive or negative); two, you prevent others from claiming your listing and suggesting incorrect edits.

In-store QR code

The internet is already crowded enough, why only leverage it to grow traffic for the website? We designed a scannable page which promoted key business information. These included: online order link, menu, merchandise shop and location. We created a QR code from this page, and then designed a poster to place in high-visiblity areas of the restaurant.

Hospitality Guidance

Establishing the right restaurant customer service standards is crucial for a community to grow. It doesn't mean anything if good food is served with no kindness! VisionVivo templated a list of common customer scenarios and what to say.

Networking with the locals

People drive business. In ROBO's case, Instagram was an effective platform in approaching fellow businesses. We established connection with them, supporting them whenever they posted. Mutually-beneficial relationships grew and more people (including Sydney foodies) engaged with our Instagram content.

Polished inside and out

When we started with ROBO, there was no presence online (save for a few followers from friendship and familial connections). The Darling Square Asian restaurant was polished in appearance, but lacked the community knowledge that it existed. Through VisionVivo’s social media growth strategy, ROBO now has loyal customers and a steady stream of takeaway orders.