You're in for a milky treat

Remicone’s shop in Regent Place Shopping Centre is set-up in such a creative fashion that you feel like you’re in a winter wonderland.

Eye-catching and camera eating

Fun and experimental

The in-store attraction of Remicone is in its novel decor and creatively designed desserts. We communicated and amplified this vibe onto social media.

Establishing reach

With the quality of ice cream served (they make it from pure chocolate!), it was our responsibility to create a website which expanded across Google's search rankings for desserts and ice-cream in Sydney's CBD.

Photography and Videography

Remicone has some seriously photogenic ice-creams, like its "Thunderbomb". Our knowledge of social media psychology (what captures attention) helped to turn Instagram impressions into physical store purchases.

Great Customer Service

Growing Remicone's brand involved triaging feedback from customers, providing empathetic responses, and maintaining an updated Google page (e.g. store opening hours and promotions).

Tracking trends

We analysed the desserts that were more popular and received more engagement (on Google Analytics and social media insights).

Management Consulting

Keeping a line of regular communication with the owner, we were able to inform and advise on what was working well and what wasn't. This improved product and strategic-level decisions.

Premium ice cream with real ingredients

With a sweet menu (pun intended) and a cool brand (pun also intended), Remicone has a promising future should it decide to expand and franchise. We look forward to supporting their vision.