Craving a late night feast?

Credit goes to the folks at Old Town, they don’t stop working. This Chinatown (and Barangaroo) establishment welcomes diners in until the early hours of the morning. For reference, their closing time is sometimes 3am!

The flavours of Hong Kong

Website & Ordering Platform

With customers feeling hungry for their traditional "dai pai dong" food, Old Town needed us to make a website and online menu. We created a visually aesthetic ordering page which allowed customers to select (and pay for) their favourite dishes.

Social Media

With its two restaurants located in Sydney's central business district, our job was to appeal Old Town's photogenic dishes to a demographic with slightly higher spending power.

Community Connection

Many locals in the Haymarket and Chinatown area are fond of Old Town. We connected with these loyal customers and grew the connection through Instagram interactions.

Google My Business

With the volume of customers visiting, it was important for Old Town to reply to customer feedback in an empathetic manner and understand any potential issues. We developed customer goodwill and relayed areas of concern to restaurant management.

Graphic Design

Lion dances, especially during Lunar New Year, are run in Haymarket. Old Town, being a popular local institution, would engage us to promote special occasions.

Management Consultations

We sat down with the management team to educate on best practices regarding digital platforms. As a result, they became aligned on team strategies to grow their business.

Sydney Chinatown and Barangaroo

We are delighted to contribute to the growth of Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine. Their branch in Dixon Street (Chinatown) is a comforting reminder of home for many Hong Kongers. Their branch in Barangaroo is a pleasant dining space with open-plan seating and proximity to the water.