10 Stores across Australia

And that’s at the time of writing. No 1 Malatang continues to grow since it established its first store in Sydney’s bustling Chinatown (Sussex St). 

Bringing traditional Chinese fast food Down Under


With a growing brand and 10 shops across NSW and Queensland, No 1 Malatang needed a website to centralise information.


Every bowl of malatang is different. You may like to add many different toppings, whilst another person may only choose beef. Instagram helps to be a visual platform for current and potential customers to know the cuisine.

Fan Connection

Every time a customer visits, it's best practice to at least thank them and hope they had a great experience. This helps to develop customer retention and goodwill.

English Customer Service

No 1 Malatang had passionate and friendly staff who were limited in their ability to communicate due to their English. We helped by training them with key hospitality phrases like: "How can I help you today?" and "Thank you for coming".

Graphic Design

Festive dates like Lunar New Year and Christmas were wonderful opportunities to run promotions. We designed engaging posters to increase store visits and online orders.

Australian Localisation

Malatang, with its variety of ingredients, may be unfamiliar to Australian locals. Our simple and approachable English copywriting helped to introduce traditional Chinese cuisine.

A convenient and tasty meal

Toppings can make any bowl of malatang taste better, but without a signature broth, the foundation is not there. No 1 Malatang is known for its range of soup bases, including ox, tomato and chicken. This type of Chinese cuisine is not only irresistably tasty, but perfect for cold weather.