The upper North Shore's Cantonese gem

Some people who reside in Hornsby and its surrounding suburbs follow a routine. They visit Westfield Shopping centre for groceries, before dropping into Joyful House for a hearty Yum Cha meal.

Traditional cooking served in an elegant setting

Surrounding Suburbs

With a kitchen as talented as Joyful House's, we wanted more people to discover their food. Our Instagram strategy grew a wider follower base, consisting of Sydney foodies and businesses.

Marketing Campaigns

Special periods such as Easter and Mother's Day came with opportunities to highlight the meals that people could enjoy. VisionVivo designed and implemented campaigns which grew restaurant visitations.

Informative Articles

It's more persuasive to try a new dish when you know more about it. Our team wrote short pieces capturing the flavour and background of Cantonese dishes.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Tailoring your Ads with the right audience settings is crucial in achieving a low CPC (cost-per-click) and high reach. We ran targeted promotions which achieved an immediate uplift in order requests.

Driving click traffic

Whilst photos of food is a delicious sight, it doesn't guaruntee business results. With every social media post, we tailored our copywriting to heighten clicks on our ordering link.

Customer Hospitality

Running a restaurant comes with no shortage of customer feedback - good and bad. Through our replies, we ensured that customers felt appreciated and heard.

A place for family, friends and events

Joyful House continues to grow its well-deserved reputation for serving authentic Cantonese food.
It brings us so much satisfaction to see customers returning after they enjoyed their experience.
See for yourself next time you visit Hornsby 😉