"Cha Caan Teng" restaurants

Literally means “tea meal room” in Cantonese. Hong Kong, with its fast paced lifestyle, has many of these eateries. Serving a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options, each Hong Kong Cafe in Sydney is a comforting reminder of home. 

Cha Caan Tengs are Hong Kong-style cafes

Home away from home

Instagram was the perfect platform to show the many dishes that Hong Kong Cafe cooked. Not only that, we showcased their impressive interior decor, which set a nostalgic scene together with the Cantonese pop music in each restaurant. Many people are fond of the +852.

Inspiring chatter

With the many Australian-born Hongkongers living in Sydney, social media proved an effective way to spark fun conversations about their common background.

Photography and Videography

We visited each venue to take mouthwatering photos and videos which sparked good traction on social media.

Google Management

Good or bad, it's important to learn and improve from customer thoughts. We oversaw the feedback received via Google My Business pages and reported important issues to restaurant management.

Graphic Design

Festive occasions like Christmas, Chinese New Year and Public Holidays are the perfect occasions to bring in more customers. We designed effective content which converted our online followers into customers.

Customer Love

Growing Hong Kong Cafe's brand involved interacting with loyal customers and potential ones. Speaking to them as the brand, we developed great relationships which encouraged return visits and Instagram shares.

3 Locations, and counting

Stir-fried beef noodles, crispy and fluffy pineapple buns, baked pork chop tomato rice and honey-oozing French toast are just a few dishes which make our stomach rumble. We’re proud to continually support Hong Kong Cafe as they serve more Cha Caan Teng food to Sydney-siders. Burwood, Chatswood and Wolli Creek … where are they opening next? 😉