A visual platform

Instagram is a social media platform driven by the production and consumption of images and videos. There are powerful editing features where users can create their own digital media. Search any keyword related to food and you will find an endless newsfeed of cuisine specialties.

Restaurants make food that tastes and looks good. Instagram is highly effective at promoting photos and videos to relevant target markets. It doesn’t take a food blogger to make peoples’ mouths water, the platform favours pictures and videos that are genuine and authentic. Anyone with a smartphone camera could become an Instagrammer.

When growing a restaurant business, owners should look to Instagram as a key marketing tool. Whilst a website is priority, Instagram can serve to grow the website’s presence by directing link traffic. It can also be the vehicle through which delicious restaurant dishes are shown to surrounding communities. 

Sharon Kwan is the owner of a popular Malaysian eatery in Sydney, Australia. She has found social media, particularly Instagram, immensely useful in growing a community around her food.

Culture and cuisine

There is a fundamental linkage between cuisine, and the stories of the people who made it. Dai Pai Dong originated from the streets of Hong Kong, where many workers found comfort in cheap, quick meals. Sushi comes from Japan, where chefs take great pride through their culinary artistry.

Instagram allows for a rich sharing of diverse cultures, as represented by food. Restaurants can leverage Reels, Stories, IGTV or good old Newsfeed Posts to develop an impression of their brand. You’d just need to look at The Grounds in Sydney, Australia to see the commercial promise that an effective social media presence can create.

VisionVivo is grateful for our clients who trust us to grow their brand through Instagram. We love working with restaurant owners to understand their goals and brand identity. Our community engagement methodology develops interest around the restaurant’s food, as well as the people and culture behind it. 

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Credits: Unsplash.com